with FurrFit, your dog is

always close

  • Get regular location updates
    so you always know where your dog is.

  • Set a Geo-Fence
    so your dog never goes too far.

with FurrFit, your dog is

always fit

  • Track Pet fitness
    so you can get reports of your dog’s fitness and set activity goals.

  • Monitor health recovery
    so you can track your dog’s illness recovery progress.

with FurrFit, you can

read dog

  • Get smart illness alerts
    so you can detect early signs of diseases

  • Smart anomaly detection
    so you can monitor anomalies in your dog’s activity using Artificial Intelligence.

FurrFit gives you more reasons to

stay relaxed

7x Battery Life

14-day Battery Life

Weather Proof

Weather Proof

Light and Compact

Light and Compact

We are constantly improving FurrFit.

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